Industrial Networking

Run your process on an efficient platform

Thecné has extensive knowledge and experience in industrial and wireless networks in the mining industry.

Industrial networking solutions.

A resilient, scalable and secure industrial communications architecture is the road to success for an Industrial Control System.


Each OT network has its own characteristics, needs and also weaknesses: :
> Review of weaknesses and underperformance in existing communications architecture.
> Survey of Radio Frequency systems.Survey of Radio Frequency systems.

Design and implementation

Each industrial process is unique, therefore the network requirements are also unique:
> Design of redundant networks (OT and/or IT) for existing networks, upgrades or new projects.
> Analysis and planning of the best network solution for your process.

Integration and interoperability

Various technological ecosystems coexist in OT infrastructures:
> ⁠Integration of new networks into productive networks.
> ⁠Interoperability of different technologies and industrial protocols.


The importance of knowing the health of your network::
> Implementation of real-time monitoring system.
> ⁠Generation of alerts and information on what is happening in the network

Industrial network system