Smart Dumping Automation Solution for Primary Crushers

AutoCrusher™️ is a proven solution that automates the truck dumping process at the primary crusher, increasing the effective operating time of the primary crusher.

What AutoCrusher® is?

AutoCrusher®️ is based on radar and CCTV arrays, together with state-of-the-art processors, which host intelligent algorithms and integrate with the crusher control system, allowing it to know the environment and make the optimal operating decision.

The primary crusher is a critical asset on any mining site. Thecné has developed the automation of truck dumping at primary crusher maximising truck dumping cycle and turning it into an autonomous and intelligent equipment.

Proven results!

AutoCrusher™, automatización de la descarga de camiones en un chancador primario. 


Operacion eficiente en Minería

More effectiveness

Increase the number of trucks served per hour by 20%, in addition to knowing their service time.

Less failures

Reduce process variability by being able to detect events that generate unscheduled stops.

Expected results

Improve downstream production and dispatch planning, plus more continuous loading by using the hopper optimally.

Better safety

Improve safety with proper detection of blockages in the dumping hopper.

Farewell to manual work

Forget the hassles and insecurities of manual operation, automating and making your operation smarter with AutoCrusher®️

Increase the unloading cycle of the primary crushing by: